How One Trailer Helps Educate & Connect The Youth Connect Team.

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Article provided by The Chronicle:
A MULTI-PURPOSE trailer decked out with three televisions, a mixing desk, built-in PA system and slide-out barbecue is the latest addition to the Youth Connect team.

Toowoomba Regional Council's three tonne trailer will be used primarily for Youth Connect activities, but will also be a resource which any Council section can use for activities across the region.

Councillor Ros Scotney said it would allow the Youth Connect team to take the show on the road, literally.

"It was purpose built for council and has been used for seniors' IT workshops at Clifton and Crows Nest and will be set up at Toowoomba Royal Show," she said.

"Youth Connect will run various programs around the region, and other council branches will be able to use the trailer for education and information sessions."

Cr Scotney said the Youth Connect team had seen similar trailers used by other youth services, in particular Redlands Council, before fine-tuning designs for the TRC unit.

• Wi-fi network
• Fold-down stage which can hold a five-piece band
• Back wall doubles as a movie screen
• Fold-down table with data ports for computer use
• Portable generator makes it self sufficient

About Youth Connect: Youth Connect is a fresh activity program devised by council's Youth Development team to give young people a range of interesting sessions and workshops to enjoy.