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Of the many potential hazards that come with a towing trip, a breakaway may be the scariest and most precarious. While drivers can correct certain conditions like trailer sway, for example, a breakaway will leave you with absolutely no control over the vehicle you formerly were towing. This article by John Fuller will give you some insight on "How Breakaway Kits Work"
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Backing up a trailer: The concept strikes terror in the heart of anyone who's tried it. With all of the things that can possibly be hit in the world -- other cars, fire hydrants, pedestrians, buildings -- backing up a vehicle alone can be nerve-wracking. Adding a trailer to the mix only intensifies the nightmare.
This article by Josh Clark provides more information on backing up a trailer.
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Article provided by The Chronicle:
A MULTI-PURPOSE trailer decked out with three televisions, a mixing desk, built-in PA system and slide-out barbecue is the latest addition to the Youth Connect team.

Toowoomba Regional Council's three tonne trailer will be used primarily for Youth Connect activities, but will also be a resource which any Council section can use for activities across the region.

Councillor Ros Scotney said it would allow the Youth Connect team to take the show on the road, literally.

"It was purpose built for council and has been used for seniors' IT workshops at Clifton and Crows Nest and will be set up at Toowoomba Royal Show," she said.

"Youth Connect will run various programs around the region, and other council branches will be able to use the trailer for education and information sessions."

Cr Scotney said the Youth Connect team had seen similar trailers used by other youth services, in particular Redlands Council, before fine-tuning designs for the TRC unit.

• Wi-fi network
• Fold-down stage which can hold a five-piece band
• Back wall doubles as a movie screen
• Fold-down table with data ports for computer use
• Portable generator makes it self sufficient

About Youth Connect: Youth Connect is a fresh activity program devised by council's Youth Development team to give young people a range of interesting sessions and workshops to enjoy.
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The electrical considerations for towing are numerous. Trailers must be wired for taillights, brake lights and signals. Not all trailer wiring will exactly match the wires of a car, truck or SUV. These electrical considerations are vital to towing safety. Test out your knowledge with this "Electrical Considerations for Towing Quiz" by HowStuffWorks.
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NBC national investigative correspondent Jeff Rossen reports on a potentially deadly hazard on the road: improperly hitched trailers that come loose and become “deadly missiles.”
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If you've ever found yourself in a Walmart parking lot, in the dark, in the rain, trying to fix your trailer wiring with flashlights you know how much fun it can be. If you've got bad wiring, now's the time to run some new wires, not when you find yourself in a pinch. Whether it's a new installation or a repair job, we can help you with your trailer lights, wiring and installation.

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If you own a trailer or plan to use one soon, it pays to recognize how bearings work and how to keep them in good repair. Bearings require regular maintenance, such as greasing, to keep them rolling. With enough wear and tear, you may even have to replace them. This article "How Trailer Bearings Work" from Robert Lamb will definitely give you a better understanding with your bearing endeavor.
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It’s official…we are a dealer for Yeti Coolers.

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Anyone who owns a race car knows that one of the hardest parts of racing is getting the car to the track. Unless you live around the corner from the venue where you'll be racing, you probably don't want to put wear and tear on your expensive race car by driving to a race. You can't simply get inside the car, step on the accelerator and head to the track. You need some other means of transporting it.
This article from Christopher Lampton sheds a light on towing race cars.
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Known as single-wheel trailers, these simple ingenious devices were popular during the 30′s, 40’s and 50’s but have faded in recent years, however, they have remained popular in Europe and with the vintage VW crowd due to their very light-weight.
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